Meet the city


Taking advantage of lower prices in dental work in Tijuana is a very wise decision. Not only can you get a beautiful smile but you can also have a great time in Mexico visiting beautiful beaches, great restaurants, bars and cultural spots. We will be more than happy to guide you through a great time in Mexico. Our Tijuana Dental Office is located in a prime spot in Tijuana. We have 6 beautiful hotels three of them within walking distance.



We also have some great restaurants, right next door; we have Villa Marina an extremely delicious seafood restaurant. A few blocks away we have all 100% recommended restaurants, taco stands, Mexican food El Rodeo, more seafood restaurants Mariscos Negro Durazo, Mariscos Los Arcos. 5 Star Restaurants like Villa Saverios, La Querencia and Cheripan. We have a great food court with exquisite gourmet fast food FOOD GARDEN.


If you want to take a little escape to Rosarito our little town next to the ocean, you can go to have an ocean front meal with spectacular views at The Point at Calafia or you can stay the night at Hotel Rosarito or many other wonderful hotels in the area and we can help you get a great rate.